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  The Cozy Corral

The Horses

For over 30 years we have raised top quality Quarter Horses .
Many of our horses are money earners in multiple events or have  qualified for the world.

The Ranch

We are located 30 minutes from the Spokane International airport in Mead Washington. 
Visitors are always welcome at The Cozy Corral - Just give us a call and we'll show you our horses.
Dionicio  & Pat Corral  509-466-3890  or 509-290-2520
 Se Habla Espanol !

email     corrapat@air-pipe.com 

Web address http://www.thecozycorral.bravehost.com

The Stallions


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Smart Mark,  

High Heat

Severance Chex

Professor Smart

Pug Puppies available in 2014